Agile By The Hour.
Curious? Questions? Have no time?
Let me help you win.

Agile is simple! It’s just not easy.

Whether you are

  • new to Agile / Scrum / Kanban / Lean / XP, or
  • knee-deep in “doing Scrum”, or
  • somewhere in between,

there’s a lot to learn, and doing it right can be messy.

The promise is enticing.

“High performing teams!”
“The cool kids are doing it!”

There are some cute terms.

“Planning Poker!”
Most Valuable Player! Minimum Viable Product!”

The theory sounds so glorious.

“Continuous Improvement!”
“Frequent Feedback Loops!”

Yet, the practice can be frustrating.

“Too many meetings!”
“The Scrum Master is micro-managing me!”
“The Product Owner is never around!”
“Scrum Master is a stupid title!”
“Technical debt is never treated as important!”
“No, seriously, who the heck calls herself a Scrum Master and still respects herself?”

Are you looking for help?

“I mean, sure, I guess, but I’m busy, and Agile Consultants charge a lot.”

Are you cheap?

“Whoa there! I’d say I’m… value-conscious.”

Are you busy?

“Who isn’t! And I said that above already, buddy.”

How about a free half-hour with a Certified Scrum Master & Certified Scrum Product Owner, at a time convenient for you?

“Free? 30 minutes that fit in with MY schedule? What’s the catch?”

No catch. I’m passionate about Agile. And here’s what I firmly believe:

  • I believe Agile Thinking is useful for everybody & every industry.
  • I believe in convenient access, both in time & price, to learn this philosophy.
  • I believe the world would be happier, or at least more efficient & effective, if we behaved in a more Agile manner.

So you put that all together, and you might as well benefit. Of course, if after a free half-hour you’d like us to spend more time together, we can talk about how that would look.

Oh, and y’think Agile is just for software development?
Nay, fair citizen!

So maybe you are new to Scrum or Agile, read a few articles or watched a few videos, and still have questions. Maybe you’re wondering how it all works in practice or how it applies to your situation.

Maybe you have done Scrum or Agile for a while, and see issues that are slowing you down. Maybe you know the promise of Scrum or Agile, yet there is this organizational reality that is totally maddening.

Maybe you live & breathe Agility and want to run some advanced Agile concepts by somebody.

If you’ve read this far, my guess is that Agility is a part of your daily life, or you’re curious, or you’re a sucker for quasi-haikus, like this one again:

Agile By The Hour.
Curious? Questions? Have no time?
Let me help you win.

Fill in the quick form below, and let’s find a time to chat for half an hour.

Just think of how lucky you will be to hang out with that charmingly handsome and super-cool (and extremely humble) guy.

stay Agile, my friends,
- Merrill III
Cambridge, MA, USA


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