Agile Neighborhood

‘Twas late 2015. The Boston Autumnal air was brisk. The Boston pedestrians were… not brisk enough. This is the case to this very day. The pedestrians, not the weather. Geez. I had a vision (the why):

I believe we will take care of and grow each other when we treat each other as neighbors.

I had an accompanying mission (the how):

Cultivate ‘Agile Neighborhoods’: hyperlocal Agile communities of practice, per Boston neighborhood, gathering locally and frequently to embrace all levels of Agile curiosity and engagement.

I instantiated this with Agile Neighborhood: Fort Point, using MeetUp’s platform. Every other Thursday, from September to December, we met for 45 minutes before the workday closed at a local & free office or community space. With no marketing on my part, we’d get about a dozen folks show up, on average, using the Lean Coffee format for the whole time together. In March 2016, after not hosting any events that year, yet continuing to pay the $50 monthly organizer’s fee to MeetUp, I pulled out, nobody stepped up, and the Group returned to the ether whence it came. In April 2017, I started Agile Neighborhood: Fort Point, using Slack’s platform. This experiment of gathering hyperlocal Agilists is what we make of it – for us, by us, where we are close enough to meet in person after a short walk and emoji-infused chat. I intend to cultivate this first community, take what there is to learn from this adventure, then start others. Do you want to start a Slack team for your own Agile Neighborhood? Want a leg up or are otherwise curious? Contact me at! I’m happy to share the steps I’ve taken if it helps you care for your Agile neighbors. Sit with this idea for a bit. It is free, and an opportunity I see as unmet, especially by the city-wide or regional Agile organizations.

Use Slack To Awesomize Your Neighbors By…

  • Telling tales of win (so we can all benefit)
  • Telling tales of frustration (…so we can all benefit)
  • Asking for help (so you can benefit)
  • Informing of local MeetUps or regional Agile gatherings
  • Starting virtual meet-ups
  • Discussing interesting articles / books / weather patterns
  • Calling for a coffee / bagel / beer run
  • Setting up a breakfast / lunch / dinner / late-night Taco Bell adventure
  • Organizing a presentation / panel session / open space / pecha kucha
  • Trying an Agile game you recently learned
  • …and so much more!

Agile Neighborhoods