Ode to Eliot

The relationship you have with your web hosting service is a very special one. (Man, I should totally write Hallmark cards…)

Eliot is the one-man shop behind OK Public, a web hosting company. He is my web host. Well, was my web host, until he decided to evict this very peace-loving blog… along with all my hosted peace-mongering files… along with all his other peace-ambivalent customers, because he has decided to transition to a new stage of his working life, or something silly like that, which effectively meant a grave inconvenience to me for the past week, and this is why (plus two weeks’ vacation) I haven’t been blogging. Instead, I’ve been finding, then migrating, this very peace-hording blog to another worthy home.

And it’s been strangely emotional.

This guy Eliot, he’s known a part of me that very few have seen. He’s seen me grow from a green and experimenting webmaster (remember that term?) to somebody who puts ‘blogger’ on his business card. He’s seen me through romantic relationships (Hey, Eliot, now I’m getting married!), two academic degrees, several moves, shepherding me into an online presence by being ridiculously there for me, holding my hand like a guardian angel, and generally being the definition of excellent and personalized support.

And now I won’t have him.

With him leaving this part of my life, he takes with him a direct link to a me as… a newb.

OK, I think I’m done processing this. Thanks for bearing with me, Eliot. I wish you luck and I hope to meet you in person some day. Now I can transition to a new stage of my life.