Based on my Start With Why blog post, I saw value in putting in one place what drives what I do, the text of which may change as I spend more time thinking about this. Thus, my beliefs:

  1. I believe you have a gift.
  2. I believe you have a natural tendency to share your gift by expressing yourself.
  3. I believe we can enjoy the journey towards global happiness most efficiently & effectively by you fully expressing yourself.
  4. I believe teams are purposeful communities of people with gifts, to be respected & celebrated.
  5. I believe that lowering the barrier to creating & sharing catalyzes the fuller expression of every person.
  6. I believe we will take care of and grow each other when we treat each other as neighbors.

Here is the abstract way (read: this makes sense to me, and I ain’t gonna squish & mold this to make sense to anybody else, including you, bum kind reader) I categorize my beliefs, also showing some derivation:

  1. noun – the core belief
  2. verb – builds off of #1
  3. network – builds off of #2
  4. noun applied – the drive behind how I conduct work, builds off of #1
  5. verb applied – the drive behind how I create play, builds off of #2
  6. network applied – the drive behind how I cultivate communities, builds off of #3

So what? Well, I’m manifesting these beliefs in a variety of places… grounding my various activities… keeping them honest, so to speak. Thus, #4 is what you see on my LinkedIn profile & AgileByTheHour for work-related activities, #5 is behind the ScrumOfOne blog & other personal projects, and #6 underlies each AgileNeighborhood.