The goal is to gradually build up a sustainable daily system of habits: regular & frequent meta-actions to support the actions that really matter. Also, I’m tracking so I don’t miss that fortnight’s daily habit experiment for more than 2 days in a row. I introduced this idea right before 2020, and will use the following format per Frontlog Item (FLI) for this page:

[process experiment start date YYYYMMDD]: [title]
[acceptance criteria] – low bar: [minimum bar]

20200101: wake & journal
Wake up at 4:30am. Write in journal, at least a few minutes, until done. – low bar: Wake up before daughter. Write one line in journal.

20200115: tea & sweat & cold shower
Make tea (ginger & turmeric) after waking up early. Exercise quietly using the adjustable dumbbells stashed in my wife’s sewing room. End shower with coldest setting. – low bar: Make tea. While boiling water, do 10 pushups then 20 squats then plank for 30 seconds. End shower on cold.

20200129: create & reset
Use early morning time to work on a creative endeavour for a solid-feeling chunk of time. Use some evening time to reset desk area to realistic & useable cleanliness. – low bar: Use 3-minute sand timer to time creativity in the early morning. Use 3-minute sand timer to time desk area resetting in the evening.

20200226: retro
Retrospect on the day after reset of desk area, writing in journal to capture thoughts plus an actionable item of improvement. – low bar: Use 3-minute sand timer to retrospectively write in journal in the evening.