Oh, look! You found my growing treasure trove of online & offline goodies (groups & events, articles, videos, tools) ! This menagerie of items should help familiarize/facilitate you with Scrum, personal development, and their combination. Of course, I am open to suggestions.

Groups & Events

Agile Boston – user group meetings are every 4th Wednesday at Microsoft/Jones Rd in Waltham, MA

Agile New England – f.k.a. Agile Bazaar, meetings are every 1st Thursday at Constant Contact in Waltham, MA

Scrum Alliance – courses, gatherings, it’s all here


via Scrum Alliance – new articles about every week, links to resources on the side

via Agile Boston – mid-way down the page are a set of papers


Scrum Master in Under 10 Minutes – excellent Primer by Hamid Shojaee (2008, 8 mins)

Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell – great rundown by Henrik Kniberg (2012, 16 mins)

Scrum vs. Kanban – differences by Gary Straughan (2017, 6 mins)

Scrum et al. – Google Tech Talk by Ken Schwaber (2006, ~60 mins)

Self-Organization: The Secret Sauce for Improving your Scrum team – Google Tech Talk by Jeff Sutherland (2008, ~90 mins)

Hyperproductive Distributed Scrum Teams – Google Tech Talk by Jeff Sutherland (2008, ~90 mins)

Scrum Tuning: Lessons Learned at Google – Google Tech Talk by Jeff Sutherland (2006, ~60 mins)

Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great! – Google Tech Talk by Diana Larsen & Esther Derby (2007, ~60 mins)


Pivotal Tracker – solid Agile project management tool

ptMobile – free Android client for Pivotal Tracker, one of many third party apps