Hi! If you’re here, I’m guessing you either have a ScrumOfOne NFT, or are curious about one.

What’s a NFT?

Think of a Non-Fungible Token as a digital receipt for some asset, either physical or virtual. It lives on a blockchain, which means your proof of ownership sits on a decentralized ledger that’s distributed across computers around the world, and not in some centralized form of storage that’s controlled by a corporation or a country.

Want to know more? That research is on you 😉 .

What’s a ScrumOfOne NFT?

If you own one, your token will point to (or more colloquially, albeit less technically, just is) a picture representing a post on this blog.

You can buy one here:

What do you do with the actual picture? Make it your new Twitter profile pic! Nothing.

Benefits of Owning a ScrumOfOne NFT

By “tokenizing” my blog posts, I have a few goals.

  • Experiment with this world of blockchain / cryptocurrency / NFT / Web3 / “the future”, satisfying an intellectual curiosity.
  • Allow for a community of supporters of this blog, the ideas herein, or future ventures, as well as a means to express that support.
  • Provide a means of possible profit-sharing from my future ventures.

This is Totally an Experiment

I’m not making any promises, but I do think it would be cool to say, “Hey, thanks for supporting my 10+ years of publicly journaling my exploration at the intersection of Agility and personal development. That new venture I started resulted in profits, and I would like to say thank you by distributing, at some frequency, a percentage of profits to you ‘n’ your fellow NFT holders.”

Transparently, might I make some money from sales of NFTs along the way? Sure. Some. But it’s so not the primary driver of this experiment.

Stay tuned to this space for updates.