Measure Life To Manage Life

A quote attributed to management consultant and writer Peter F. Drucker goes:

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Makes sense, right? How can you tell if you’re getting better without a means to measure progress? Let’s apply this to the idea of life improvement. Want a better life? Measure it! Measure life? (Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred miiiiinutes… ‘Rent’, anyone?) I find this an interesting concept.

This harkens a conversation I had with a smart man in grad school. I argued that we measured what we valued. He argued that we valued what we measured. I now say the peanut butter and the chocolate (the chicken and the egg?) coexist together peacefully in a tasty treat (chicken parmesan?): both are true.

Accepting the duality of the above, whatever thing about life we measure, we’re going to value it, so we better choose something good. Now, what is it about life that we value? Ain’t that a juicy question.

Let’s approach this via quantity and quality. Live a long life? Yes please, at least on the longer side. Live a high quality life? Hm… can we say this equates to happiness? This allows us to point to a previous post that links happiness to excitement and initiative. Thus, we have:

How much excitement and initiative do you have in your life? How along your path and mission are you?

These should reflect your values, so now you’re measuring what you value – bingo! And this is what I love about ScrumOfOne. It is a framework for managing personal development with metrics, as well as processes for addressing these metrics, built in. It is a way to manage life by measuring life.