Experiences, Not Possessions

This is what I’ve been saying for a long time! A really really long time! As long as I can remember! Like, ever since I could speak! Ever since I was able to utter utterances of glorious spittle and idful vowels! Back wh-

I’ve invested time in learning the most efficient ways to spend money to increase my marginal happiness. http://www.bakadesuyo.com/8-ways-that-money-can-buy-happiness-34746 gives a good overview, but the main point is to buy experiences, not possessions. I own very few things, but have many experiences.

The folks at Business Insider must be doing something right, ’cause I’m getting a lot of my news from them nowadays. The above is from their article ‘What It Feels Like To Be Absolutely Loaded By Age 25‘, where somebody made it big by being an early employee at a successful company, and now makes a living authoring the halfth-world reality to first-world ponderers. Or has somebody do it for him. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Stop arguing. The point is, when I make purchases, usually larger ones with some sentimental value, I don’t view it as a sunk cost, but rather an investment in a memory. (The ladies love hearing that shit. Try it sometime. Girl, you know it’s true…)

The article raised a fun scenario, where this rich dude says he’s pursuing things that money can’t buy. You don’t need crazy amounts of money to access things invaluable.

Isn’t that a relief?