Hi Neighbour

Love thy neighbour.
Really dig thy neighbour.
Like thy neighbour.
Be ambivalent towards thy neighbour.
Tolerate thy neighbour.
Hold a slight grudge against th-

Y’know what, we’re swinging through this emotional spectrum towards investing negative energy in thy neighbour, towards hating thy neighbour. Energy towards judging others or just holding a grudge or thinking they stink because they vote a certain way or thinking they stink because they’re walking slowly and taking up the whole sidewalk while looking down at their glowing rectangle oblivious to the flow of human traffic trying to get somewhere and I’m late and this stupid idiot is in the way and oh now he’s just stopping altogether and flatulently ignoring the rest of existence and not at least courteously pulling over to the side t- … So yeah, I have plenty of opportunity for improvement in this area, too.

Whether we share an apartment wall, or are in line to order coffee, or ephemerally glance as we pass each other crossing the street, or intently absorb the soul-goodness from this blog (you’re welcome), we are sharing time together, however short, and sharing space together, however vast. We are neighbours.

Hi, neighbour.