Change Your Whole Life At Twice

You might get to a point where you ask yourself,

Where do I begin?

You’ve got all these things you want to do, all these things you want to improve, all these things you want to change, all these… things. So you take all these things, list them, prioritize them, stuff I’ve been blogging about (see here for more).

Somewhere in the middle of all that, and closer to the beginning of this process, you think about your life. You think about how to think about your life… and then get to a point where you ask yourself,

Where do I begin?

If you read Steve Pavlina, specifically his series on The Meaning Of Life, you get to a section called Transitioning. This is for when you have your direction determined and are then acting on plans and projects to ‘get there’. The stuff in that post is also great for when you might not be as uber-organized or crystal clear as you go down your life path (like me! like most of us! HIGH FIVE!):

Don’t change each area of your life in a month. Change some and keep others stable.

Sounds simple, right? Don’t change your whole life at once, or even at twice, but in stages. Sounds like a no-brainer, so where is the insight? Once you reasonably partition out areas of your life, make a concerted effort to ignore all except one or two of your life segments.

Doesn’t that feel better? It’s another flavor of the message of focus (the Product Owner’s job in the land of Scrum), this time applied to life improvements at a macro level. For me, this means that I will start this year focusing on implementing habits and practices related to two areas of my life: my body and my finances.

Aaaaand this feels odd. This feels odd because it ignores my love of making music, which I’ve realized is the thing that makes my heart sing, pun intended. This feeling odd might be a sign that my focus is wrong, and you right there, sitting wherever you’re sitting, are witnessing a mistake in the making.

Aaaaand this is OK. In a couple of weeks, the length of my Sprint, I’ll have an opportunity to change direction after giving this a shot. This is a beauty of Scrum.

Happy New Year.

(Oh, and don’t make any New Year’s Resolutions!)