Become A Superhero

Do you want to become a superhero?

Last week, at my favorite cafe on Newbury Street, I sat in on a talk by Dr. Robin S. Rosenberg, an author for the book, ‘What is a Superhero?‘. I liked the definition she discussed, which comprised of four parts.

1 – Be Super. You don’t need to be from out of this world, or have an ability that is beyond natural, but her criteria covers mortals with a capability on the upper tail of the bell curve of human knowledge & skills. I would argue it doesn’t have to be physical or strength-related. This is your super-power.

2 – Be a Hero. Do selfless acts. And not just once. I guess it’s a given that you primarily use your super-power while being selfless. Superheros are usually saving lives. Does that mean you have to save lives as well? More on that in a bit.

3 – Have an Alter Ego. If you’re going around not being normal (see Be Super, above), have an identity that embraces this, which might have to do with owning your new reality, psychologically. Think about how hikers of the Appalachian Trail take on different names.

4 – Have a Uniform. A costume, not necessarily all Spandex, extends the alter ego to being accepted by others, not just yourself.

What I find interesting about points 3 & 4 is that while, yes, you don’t need them to be effective (be a hero via your super-power), it allows you to be a normal human: mortal, fallible, someone who doodles when on the phone.

About saving lives… I asked the good doctor / author if this criteria for being a hero could be massaged to improving lives. She thought of a hero as one out to do good. Ha – selflessly do good. So, use your super-power to do good unto others.

Do you want to become a superhero?

Can you do something so well so as to be considered at the top of your ‘field’? This might be easier to accomplish if you can consider yourself at the top of your field, locally. Think of this super-power as your ‘gift’. This is you creating with your gift.

Can you selflessly do good by positively affecting other people? This might be easier to accomplish if you first think about affecting locally. This is you sharing your gift.

I believe we can all become superheros by creating and sharing our gifts.

Do you want to become a superhero?

Ask yourself: How can I use my gifts to do good?