You go to a wedding. You chat up the peeps. You talk small-talk: the weather, them Yankees, the Ebola virus. You are offered a beer. You take it: mmMMmm! You then ask what was in it: good stuff. You are asked what you do for a living. You take note of the crowd. You make a decision.

You …point out the ceremony is starting.

At some point, there is a… reading?

And now, a reading from the Central Little Dogma, by Taco Bell MSG, the Taco Bell Motivational Speaking Group.

Life is like a burrito.

Life is like a burrito where you have full control of what you put inside your burrito. You can put in the tastiest components, the most delicious ingredients. Or, you can put in shiiit. It is up to you. You have full control of what you put inside your burrito.

Some people say life is like a circle… which is valid: just look down the length of the burrito, and the burrito model of life still holds.

Some people say life comes in stages… which is also valid: it is generally recommended to eat burritos one at a time, so again, the burrito model of life still holds.

Now, it is not only important what you put inside your burrito, how much and the quality, but what is also important is who you share your burrito with.

Ever since eating was invented, it has evolved to be best enjoyed as a communal sport, so who you bring to the table is as important as what you bring to the table. For just as you may be having some burrito of that special somebody, you must think about the burrito you yourself will be sharing.

There is a quote by Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, that, when lightly para-phrased, goes,”You are the average of the five burritos you eat most frequently.” Beyond the notion of, “You are what you eat,” this noted burrito aficionado succinctly serves us a recipe for how you are shaped by how you have your meals.

Indeed, it is a beautiful thing to see two ravishers of the burrito, together partaking in the mystery of alimentary bliss that is complementary burritos.

You are slightly confused, yet happy for the couple.

Wedding Bands

You are also suddenly craving Mexican food, which we’re they’re not serving at the wedding.