One Hundred And Thirty

That’s how many posts I’ve written on this incarnation of the blog, current entry not included – and that’s how many I’ve almost finished reading and categorizing in the past week. Three years of blogging about my experiment of the application of Scrum to personal development has yielded that… I am still growing, and that… I am still dealing with the same stuff.

Check it. Here is the emboldened passage from the last post:

…planning for less to more easily ride the flow of life while making deliberate steps for personal development…

Here is the middle paragraph from the first serious post:

Thus, the balance of a game plan and reality results in a strategy that makes me feel less guilty for enjoying the weather while still accomplishing the most per time spent on these sprints: Ruthless Story Completion.

Fo’ realz, homie. I am still dealing with how to balance personal development with life’s dynamicity.


Let’s see what I can gather after a complete read-through of this blog.