I am @DailyAgilist

I’ve started another Twitter account: @DailyAglist, and you may find it useful. (Why?) (Why would somebody find it useful?) (No, doofus. Why are you starting this? Don’t you have enough on your plate?) (I’m so glad you asked.)

First, the selfish goals:

  • Because I could – I’ve got the Twitter handle and the dot-com domain.
  • Personal brand – Sure, I blog here, where my ‘ScrumOfOne’ brand has dived into not just the tactics of practicing Scrum for personal development, but also using Agility for the longer-term, strategic side. Through practice, I’ve become a better Agilist, so tweeting is a shorter-form manner to get my experience and message out. Plus, I like the sound of, “I am – wait for it – the Daily Agilist”.
  • Solve my problems – While I write my blog posts in batches, I craft one tweet each morning. Thus, you’re reading a top-of-mind problem, and how I then apply Agility to craft Kaizen. This is personally useful.

There are some goals I consider more communal:

  • Expand application – Agile isn’t just for software development, or even the corporate / working world. I’ve been using it for my life. Let me show you how and expand your mind.
  • Improve reputation – …of Agile. All these Agile Transformations, especially poorly executed ones, have been giving Agile a bad rap, and the world should know that there’s more to it than hiring consultants to tell you how you’ve been doing it wrong.
  • Showcase utility – Employing an Agile mindset is useful, and not just for corporate software development. Let me show you how and expand your mind. Again.

Let’s see if I can summarize all that in the user story form. (Like an Agile dorkus maximus.) (I wonder if that dot-com is taken…)

As the Daily Agilist, I want to solve my problems while showcasing & expanding the utility of an Agile mindset, so that Agile’s bad reputation is reduced.

So let’s see where this goes. 140 characters at a time. (Wrong. You know they expanded that to 280 characters now, right?) (Yeah. Disappointing move. There went the challenge and charm. Still pissed.) (Yeesh, now you’re sounding like me. Maybe @DailyAgilist has something for ya.)

Agile wisdom for everyday life. Kaizen to try. #YouGotThis