Google ‘ScrumOfOne’ – Go Ahead

Here, I’ll do it for you. My links are 80% of the first page.

Yes, it is tremendous luck that nobody has done much online with the term ‘ScrumOfOne’, so to secure the Twitter handle, Meetup group name, gmail address, dot-com domain, and then throwing WordPress on there all makes for some relatively simple and evidently effective SEO.

I am tickled pink.

Ruthless Story Completion

It’s finally Spring in Boston! It’s nice outside! I want to BE outside! This yearning is effectively an impediment!

Thus, the balance of a game plan and reality results in a strategy that makes me feel less guilty for enjoying the weather while still accomplishing the most per time spent on these sprints: Ruthless Story Completion.

I am now spending time on getting one story done at a time – this results in two levels of satisfaction. Sure, I get the points associated with that story – a shallow sense of feeling good; however, I then know I have attained a piece of functionality associated with the story – THAT is the deeper level, the fulfillment.

Blog Pages Populated

I finally got to populating each page on this blog beyond a Wikipedia stub entry. They are each just a first version, and I look forward to updating the System page in particular as I craft a progressively more effective framework.

MeetUp scheduled

Every other Tuesday at Trident on Newbury St., I plan on talking Scrum and how it applies to personal development at 7:30pm – great to finally have this established:

Have also been experimenting with tying this blog to the Twitter account – this blog post should now post automatically to Twitter once published, courtesy of Twitterfeed; the blog feed is checked every 30 minutes, so it won’t be immediate.

Wheels are Turning

I’ve just put up the skeleton of the About & System pages for this blog – looking forward to filling these in.

To finish the Contact page, a Meetup Group has also been created – yay! I put money down as an Organizer, so that’s motivation for actually HOLDING the event.