Once upon a time, I was frustrated.

This was, like, yesterday.

I just didn’t like how things were going, to the point where I got home, plopped myself on the couch, and sat there, staring at a candelabra that had way more color than the state of my soul. Things weren’t going my way.

Ha. Now that I’ve typed that, I realize that is a very accurate phrase to describe my mood all those day ago.

Things weren’t going my way.

Thus, I ruminated on this thought, chewing through the fat of gloomy cud, regurgitating thoughts that led to:

Oh, those dang things! It’s their bloody fault! They weren’t doing what I wanted them to do! Grrr!!!

Once I realized how I was thinking about these things, I bit my tongue; I chewed through my frustration. The insight was recognizing my passivity. The solution is being a ‘Man (/Woman) of Action’.

Granted, there is some solid good that comes from working through grief and not just sweeping undeniable emotions under the rug (you’ll just trip over them later). So once I did that, by sitting and doing nothing useful because I felt like the accomplished equivalent of a gastronomical intermediate by-product, I figured I should make a plan of action, and follow through, based on a set of values I find important – y’know, taking action.

Oh, that’s right. I already did that. I have one of those. It’s called my ScrumOfOne personal Sprint backlog, built off of my larger backlog(s) of things I want to do and be, prioritized by what I find important.

Stick with the plan. Tweak every couple of weeks. My plan.

Phew. That was a lot to go through since, like, yesterday.