Agile Mentoring

Wanna make a difference? Maybe some money? Look into this under-tapped market: Agile Mentoring. Google it. Hard. Do you see people providing this?

There is pain. You can step in.

I’ve thought about it. Hard. (Twice.) And then put it down. Even harder. (Just as twice.) I even got a domain name, started a Slack group, and recruited some introductory members, deepening relationships while embarking on a program.

Here is my pitch:

Besides larger monthly meetings, and maybe smaller MeetUps, and hopefully an Agile Community Of Practice where you work, there is no facilitated avenue towards mastery for newer Agilists.

Think of the person who gets the CSM, yet doesn’t have a Scrum Master job, and is looking for one. She’s got the certification, and ain’t got no experience. What now? This was me! So I can tell ya…

There is pain. You can step in.

Why am I not pursuing this? And why am I giving this idea away?

I have stuff higher in my backlog that is more personally inspiring, where I’m keeping a tight WIP limit so I don’t go nuts chasing every shiny new(-ish) idea, and not getting other shiny ideas to done.

Also, it does no good to the world if I’m like a dog in the manger. If my backlog reprioritizes and I pick this back up a third time, I’ve got faith in my evolving mentoring program, and how I’d pour my individuality into this, that “having competition” doesn’t worry me. But again, I’m not there yet anyway!

So please. Steal this idea.

There is pain. You can step in.