Minimum Viable Performance

Today is significant to me.

12 years ago, today, I started working full-time. I tested medical devices, mostly manually, working my way up a ladder to get “Senior” in my title. Towards the end, I dabbled in Agility as a part-time Scrum Master for my team.

6 years ago, today, I changed careers. I was a full-time Scrum Master for a couple of distributed teams, working my way through much learning and self-discovery to get “Agile Coach” as my title. Lately, I’ve dabbled in performance as a podcaster.

Today, I want to mark a new career episode.

In the spirit of vulnerability, I invite you to watch my version 1 of a concept I’m calling “Scrum in 7”. Oh, it’s definitely not smooth – I’ve only run it through once before to a wonderful recruiter who said she found it useful.

From here, though, I iterate. I’m putting it out there and seeing what I can learn – it’s my MVP – it’s my Minimum Viable Performance.

I’m curious as to how it would feel, and how effective it would be, if I broke it up into 1 video per stickie, then created a video that stitched ’em all together using fun bumpers.

I’m curious as to how much Scrum has made a connection with people such that they would be willing to share their story about Scrum’s significance to them in a set of 7, not necessarily 7 stickies, thus growing a hashtag.

I’m curious if this could be refined to start my portfolio of my take on Agile training, demonstrating my ability to deliver content, how I think about Agility, and my personality.

I’m… curious.

Following my gut, as I like to phrase it (related to Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Pursuit of Curiosity”), has served me very well lately: it’s helped me decide on employment opportunities I should jump on, employment opportunities I should promptly ignore, networking events I should this time go out of my way to do, work projects with timely effects, personal projects with timely fulfillment, and generally the next best steps.

So I’m not sure where (or #ScrumIn7) will take me, yet it feels right: it feels like the next best step in my episodic career.