Look At The Camera

It’s simple… If you Zoom-From-Home, then: Look at the camera!

I mean… I could end this post right here.

But I won’t… This is just one of a few Remote Facilitation Tactics I wrote about a year ago, where a piece of insight I came to was:

You are either connecting with a person for your benefit (by looking at the person’s image), or connecting with a person for their benefit (by looking ‘at’ the person via the camera).

I seriously think I’ll turn this Public Agile Service Announcement into a rap song:

On a weekly one-on-one? Look at the camera!

Catching-up for fun? Look at the camera!

Meeting in a group? Look at the camera!

On the toilet while you poop? Turn off the camera!

Take your laptop off your lap. Stop and think past this rest stop before you schlep back to your desktop on if the need to show your face means an unmaintainable speed, an unsustainable pace is just where you’re at, Pops.

Iterate on how you create, ’cause knowin’ that you’re goin’ as you’re flowin’ is a mistake. Take on less to be best as one test to take yourself to great. Dust this crap off, then: Look at the camera!

Do you have a Public Agile Service Announcement that the world should know?

OK… I think I will schlep back to my desktop end this post here. And: Look at the camera!