Notes on Vision

I have a product framework based on a great book on roadmaps, folding in a few standard key ideas like having a vision. Personally, I like having a few versions of the same vision, adding granularity to represent deeper understanding & appreciation, to then aid different levels of daily decisioning decision-making.

Here’s the really dorky part. As “Merrill the Third”, I’ve grown up drawn to the number 3, and lately, thirds. Applying this odd proclivity (self-five!) to visioning crafting vision(s), I aim for lengths of about a minute, and a third of a minute (20 seconds), and a third of a third of a minute (~6 seconds), and a third of a third of a third of a minute (~2 seconds) (one over: three to the power of three – another self-five!).

So here are my notes on Vision.

Much like my notes on Minimalism & Product, these are not my most complete ideas (nor my most current… these are about 6 years old, a lifetime ago), but they resonate with me enough such that I look back on ’em from time to time, and figured I’d share ’em with you.

You’re welcome.

2 seconds / a Breath

Inspire me to move.

6 seconds / a Vine

Concisely capture the spirit of the organization to guide daily decision-making.

20 seconds / a Tweet

Inspire alignment to core organizational values by guiding the spirit of daily decisions via a clear, concise, catchy quote.

60 seconds / a Minute

Whereas a mission statement covers the ‘what’, a vision statement covers the ‘why’, acting as a mantra underlying the
evolution of current products & services, as well as a tool to guide the creation of new initiatives. As such, it is future-oriented and best remains abstract, not limiting future offerings by framing in terms of current offerings, much as practices may change, but principles should not. For greatest effect, it should also be inspirational. I personally like different scopes of vision, based on time or length, catering to a range of needs, from ease of recall to depth of understanding.

Not a Manifesto

A manifesto declares that we are against an established thing, and declares a ‘how’, or game plan towards an opinionated vision.

Personal Preference

Use ‘you’ instead of ‘the member’ – it personifies it more, and we’re all members, so let’s talk to and about each other versus a nameless persona.