Steal This Idea: Agility Basics Wiki

Hi. I’ve got this side project, but it’s slow-going, so I’m letting you know in case you want to do your own flavour of this, too. The aim is to educate & lightly entertain those new to Agile concepts, while sharpening my own understanding & communication of those concepts as I build this thing.


Look: you’re reading this, so you probably already appreciate the value Agility brings to work, or at least personal development. Now if we could get more of the world to exhibit the mindset where appropriate…


There are always newbies in the world, so that’s this idea’s target audience. They don’t need advanced tactics for story point estimation. Instead, they could benefit from how cost estimation in Scrum is meant to be inexpensive, or the utility in slicing effort into small chunks of deliverable value.


Yay for a small chunk of deliverable value, e.g., a blog post or a YouTube video.

Double yay for a bunch of small chunks of deliverable value, e.g., a blog or a YouTube playlist / channel.

Triple yay if they’re networked, e.g., a wiki.

Think about it: you freshly learn a very basic chunk of an Agile topic… now what? Do you go deeper? Do you explore a related topic? Do you explore a particular curation of content? Why not have each of these as options?

Maybe… you create your own curation of content to share with friends.

Double maybe… you take a crack at creating your own content on a topic.

Triple maybe… you recommend something that already exists that explains a topic more effectively and/or efficiently.

Where I Come In

If you smush all the above together, you can see why I foresee a market for a wiki teaching the basics of Agility. So does that mean I’m motivated by a vision where I imagine a world of unchained self-expression and durable fulfillment, where this journey is made more enjoyable by embracing an Agile mindset?

I mean, yeah. Sure. That’s a very nice vision.

But I’ll admit… I’m selfish. I guess I must be: I’m honestly more motivated by a vision where I imagine my own unchained self-expression and durable fulfillment. You don’t see my growing Google Doc of music-related ideas, and I can’t get to all of ’em, and I’ve got low-level angst around that. I enjoy creating ‘n’ sharing, especially when done my way. That’s why I have this blog: a medium that is mine, for my rules on content & style, however amateur.

Me me me. I guess I relate to my little daughter a little more than I thought. Except, unlike me, she has a penchant for sharing her food.

Back To Where I Come In

A blog post 7 years ago says I have a penchant for creating. A post from 2.5 years ago says “I surrender to my playful & silly & punny nature, drawn to create in a curious area where two of my gifts meet: music & Agility”. My latest approach is to still create at the intersection of Agility & my musicality, but to also fold in a grander purpose, a global utility, so right now that means, um, creating & sharing an Agility Basics Wiki.

You can tell I have been openly struggling with (or openly iterating through) finding a project to actually get to done, i.e., finding an art into which I can pour my heart.

Yet right now, this is where I am: this Agility Basics Wiki idea: a platform for… my style.

Oh, and it’d be free. To get to more people. To lower the barrier to Agile education. As a piece of my part towards social justice. So yeah, I’m thinking about all that, too.

Where You Come In

Do I think the world needs an Agility Basics Wiki? I don’t know. And I guess I don’t care. I’m pondering more if I need an Agility Basics Wiki, not because the creation needs to exist, but because the creating needs to happen, as if the creating will prove more valuable than the creation. This is a recurring message in my blog posts:

Do you think the world needs an Agility Basics Wiki? Maybe towards your own unchained self-expression and durable fulfillment, or other visions you may have for the world yourself?

Again, I’m letting you know in case you want to do your own flavour of this, too.

Steal this idea. Please.